QIs Ivy Insights Group, LLC a PEO (professional employer organization)?

A:  At present, Ivy Insights Group, LLC is not a PEO. We are a coaching and consulting organization. As we continue to grow, we will certainly investigate opportunities to provide this service.


QWhat is a PEO (professional employer organization)?

A:  A professional employer organization, or PEO, is a company that serves as an outsourced human resources department for small and midsize businesses, providing vital employment services such as payroll and benefits administration, HR management, and assistance with compliance on employer-related laws.

Ivy Insights Group, LLC may not currently act as an outsourced HR department, but we align our certified HR consultants alongside your business to actively engage and strategically partner with you on any need you may have in the HR arena.


QHow does Ivy Insights Group, LLC differentiate itself from competitors?

A:  We are a full service, business coaching and consulting firm.  We coach  business professionals and executives, helping them discover the best of themselves for not only their professional development, but also their personal benefit.

Additionally, on the consulting side we are flexible and will create strategic  solutions based upon our clients’ individual business needs. We do not give up. We finish what we start….and we deliver what we promise — with integrity always.


QHow may we contact Ivy Insights Group, LLC?

A:  You may contact us via telephone:  847.574.7190, via email:  info@ivyinsightsgroup.com, or via regular mail:  Ivy Insights Group, LLC  100 South Saunders Drive, Suite 150, Lake Forest, IL  60045